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Welcome to Your Library: Study Spaces

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So many students, so little space

The Library is where everyone wants to be.  But how do we make sure that the Library is both a place to get some quiet studying done and a place to work on your group project?  Easy! Create zones.

Throughout the Library, you will see signs indicating which zone you are in:

Silent Individual Study  - Perfect for cramming for an exam. Shhh! There's no talking here.

Quiet Mixed Study - Share a table and quiet conversation with your friends. 

Bookable Group Study - 3 booths and 3 rooms that can be booked for group work.  You can book online yourself with your email address, for a maximum of 4 hours per calendar week (Sunday to Saturday).  Click here for more information and booking instructions.

We also have 2 other rooms in the Library, the Library Classroom and the Super Silent Study Room.  If they aren't being used by instructors, these rooms are available for study and computer use.  Check the schedule posted outside of each room for availability or ask at the Info Desk. The Super Silent Study Room is the quietest place in the Library

Other places around campus

Can't find a place to sit in the library?

Sometimes the Library can get very crowded.  If you need another place to study, you can check this list of student learning spaces on campus.  But come back and see us soon.

Book Group Space

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