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Linking Google Scholar to MRU Resources

You've learned that you can use Google Scholar to search for academic resources and you've seen how it can link to MRU licensed resources.  However, when you try to do it on your own computer, the links don't show up!  So what's happening?

Well, it could very well be that you just need to include MRU as a library link in your Scholar settings.  Just follow the steps below:

1.  Open up a browser (Firefox, Chrome) and type: to get to Google Scholar

2.  Click on Settings

3.  Then click on Library links

4.  Search for Mount Royal University and confirm that the Full Text @ MRU Library is displayed and checked as shown below:

5.  Click on Save

The next time you do a Google Scholar search, the links to MRU licensed resources should show on the right side of your screen.  Happy searching!

Setting up Google Scholar Library

This new feature enables to build your own collection of articles found via Google Scholar.  Select from your search results by clicking on the Save button at the end of each entry, then click on My library on the left panel.  You can also organize articles in your Library by creating labels.

Citation Linking

  • Backward citation linking – look at the reference lists of the works you find and get those articles
  • Forward citation linking – some databases and Google Scholar will let you see who has used an article in their own research
    • In Science Direct click on “Cited by in Scopus” – on the right-hand side
    • In Google Scholar click on “Cited by” – under the URL
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