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Information Literacy Guide for Faculty: Home

The pages on this guide address specific IL concepts related to student research. On each of these pages you will find assignment ideas as well as some sample assignments contributed by MRU librarians and other faculty.

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Using this Guide

This guide is designed to help faculty by:

  • Identifying those critical thinking concepts that students struggle with
  • Raising awareness and creating reasonable expectations of student skill and ability level in terms of critical thinking and information literacy
  • Providing ideas, tools, and suggestions for effectively incorporating research skills and effective use of information into assignments
  • Providing suggestions for assessing information literacy skills and knowledge, and creating assignments that allow students to demonstrate these skills

Librarians are happy to work with you to integrate these or other IL activities and assignments into your courses.

For more information, contact your liaison librarian or the Library Chair, Pearl Herscovitch (403-440-6022).


Studies indicate that most first-year students characterize their own research competencies as inadequate for university-level work, and recognize that their research skills need improving (Head & Eisenberg, 2013, p. 3)

A recent MRU faculty survey on students' use of research materials indicated that faculty have high expectations that students will have prior exposure to and experience with information concepts, even at the first year level.

MRU Librarians recently completed a research project to track what IL skills we're teaching in the classroom. Find out what we learned from the data we gathered.


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