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The Mount Royal Library Award for Excellence in Scholarly Endeavours recognizes students producing outstanding scholarly projects such as: essays/papers, film projects, poster presentations, web or technology-based projects, or creative works that demonstrate research skills and the effective use of information resources. Individual projects and group projects will be evaluated for the award category entered on the application:


Senior Award - $1000: For projects created in 4000-level or higher courses, independent studies, capstone or honours thesis work, this category recognizes projects which are larger in scope, represent a higher level of independence and a greater depth of research.


Junior Award - $1000: For projects created in 1000-level to 3000-level courses, this category recognizes outstanding student work at a level that is smaller in scope and depth of research.


Group Award - $1500: For projects created at any course level, this category recognizes outstanding student work completed by 2 or more students.The award will divided equally among group members.


An interdisciplinary committee comprised of five faculty (including 2 librarians) will apply the corresponding rubric to each submission and select applications from each category for individual awards (junior or senior) of $1000 and a Group Award of $1500. Please click here to view the rubrics that will be used to evaluate submitted entries.

Mount Royal University acknowledges the assistance of Giovale Library at Westminster College in developing the award process and documents.

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