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Thank You and Future Opportunities to Participate in the Living Library

Thank you to everyone for making our first Living Library event on January 27, 2016, such a success. We hope to offer another opportunity for you to hear stories from members of the Mount Royal community again in the future - stay tuned for future announcements.

In the meantime, if you would like to volunteer to be a Living Library book for a future event, please contact Monique Verhoef, Diversity and Human Rights Coordinator, at or (403)440-8904. You can also contact Cari Merkley, Librarian, at or (403)440-5068.

Past Living Library "Book" Participants

Name: Roberta

Description: The Activist Life

I have engaged in different forms of activism  throughout my life, from traditional forms of activism - letter writing, petitions, political parties - to confrontational activism - protests and demonstrations - to academic activism - teaching and researching about activism. How will you engage in the world around you given the many options for activism?


Name: Kevin

Description: Champion

We have our struggles, are you gonna win yours?  Listen to what I’ve learned and how I choose to live. I will share my experience in a gang, about my life behind bars, what “forever our brother” means to me, and how ultimately I won!



Name: Melchior

Description: The Way Home:Now a Canadian - my Journey in Surviving Rwandan Genocide.

Hear about how I survived the Rwandan Genocide, my resettlement to Canada, what being a Canadian meant to me and my thoughts on current issues.



Name: Olivia

Description: Grounded again

After my dad passed away in 2012 and that same year my best friend and I broke up, things fell apart.  Hear about how I went on my first backpacking experience by myself to the Philippines, about how yoga changed my life and how Coach Carter inspired me to go back to school.  Listen to my story of dedication, letting go of the past, my spiritual awakening, how challenges helped me grow, how I choose to serve the community (and myself) at MRU and how I love myself today!



Name: Karla

Description:  Two Time Olympian Beating Breast Cancer

I represented Canada for 15 years in the sport of Basketball (including two Olympics).  I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years after retirement and within one week of verbally committing to work at MRU.


Name:  Patricia

Description: Vision Loss is Not the Barrier

Growing up with all members of my family having experienced some level of vision loss, I learned that vision is only one aspect of identity.  Hear my lived experience as a woman who experiences partial sight - how that has shaped my life and how I've learned that vision loss is not my barrier.


Name:  Sydney


My story of how I have been learning about myself.  From developing an eating disorder, deciding to get treatment, and coping with OCD to ultimately choosing recovery.


Name: Aalayna

Description:  Becoming Aalayna

In my story you will hear about parts of my childhood, my experiences with bullying, my battle with depression, and how I've overcome all the adversity in my life to begin my transition into womanhood and finally live my life as the woman I was born to be.


Name: Zoe

Description:  Boy Voice in a Girl's Body

I started voice acting when I was 11 years old and I only played one girl; a character called Lillybell who was the girliest girl you can imagine.  After that I found my "boy's voice" and started landing male roles.  When I was 13 I was cast to play Kid Goku for the well-known series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT.  I have lived my whole life channeling and exploring and "being" these very male characters, all the while being myself who I consider to be quite a feminine woman.  Hear about my experiences as "Kid Goku", and how playing this male character has profoundly impacted me today.



Name: David

Description:  Home?

I was born in Colombia. Hear my story of how my dad was offered work with Colombian rebel forces and drug trafficking cartels and how our family had to flee seeking political asylum in the United States.  This is my story of living as an illegal immigrant, deportation, extortion attempts, and how one never really knows where home might be.


Name: Spirit

Description: Pastor's Gay Kid

Being gay is already tough, but what happens when you're also the son of a pastor? A story of discovery, heart ache, unconditional love, perseverance, and ambition.



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If you have any questions about this event, please contact Monique Verhoef, Diversity and Human Rights Coordinator, at or (403)440-8904.

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