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Undergraduate Research Guide: Software for Research

Resources for undergraduates to help prepare posters

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Research Software in the Library

A full list of software available in every Mount Royal computer lab is available here.

Research-specific software in the Library:

All Library Stations

Accumaps: A mapping and spatial data analysis program. Training and tutorial videos available here.

Acculogs: A software to access raster and digital logs from both the IHS Information Hub and AccuMap. Tutorial video available here.

ArcGis: Mapping and geography tool used for sharing, displaying and analyzing geographic information. Tutorials available here.

PSPP: An open-source alternative to SPSS, can be used to display and analyze quantitative data. User's guide available here.

QGis: Open source geospacial data and mapping software. Training materials available here.

The Data Station

GEODA: An open-source geospatial data analysis tool. Tutorials available here.

Minitab 16: A tool to manage, display and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Introductory documents available here and tutorial videos available here.

OziExplorer: An open-source geography, mapping, and GPS tracking software. Tutorial materials available here.

SPSS: Quantitative data analysis and display tool. Unofficial tutorial materials available here.

Stata: Data analysis and statistical software. Tutorial videos available here.

Microfilm Workstation

Nvivo: Qualitative data analysis and display software. Tutorial videos available here.

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